Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. We are a NON-DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH FOR ALL PEOPLE. We are a scripture come true, one of the manifestations the world has been earnestly waiting for according to Romans 8:19 and Acts 2:17. We have been called to help you discover yourself in Christ so that you can take back what the devil has stolen from you: your peace, your joy, your money, your gifts and callings and such like. If you are looking for a church, regardless of your previous church upbringing/denomination, you are always welcome to be a part of what God is doing at LORWC. Jesus' arms are open wide to receive you - Yes You! Here, we strongly trust God for everything and focus on Him 100% for our breakthroughs. We believe there is no situation too hard for our God to resolve, not even your own case because we serve a God who can do all things! We emphasize spiritual maturity and we do this with the help of God by following His set principles (2nd Timothy 3:16-17) through sound teaching (rightful explanation of the word of truth as revealed to us 2nd Timothy 2:15) nourishment and ensuring that our members grow in every sphere of their lives, especially in the area of their divine ministries. At LORWC, after you've been saved and healed, you will be mentored and trained to live by the word of God, discover your purpose and calling (a meaningful and fruitful life here on earth), and then be sent forth to do likewise as the Lord wills. The moment you join LORWC, you are being guided in your career and other aspect of your undertakings with God being 1st. There is no redundancy at LORWC, it is OPERATION GROWTH on every level (Luke 2:52). We are fond of applying DCE (DAILY CONSCIOUSNESS OF ETERNITY) to our daily lives because Matthew 25:13 tells us to: "Watch therefore, for we know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh." Please take your time and look through our website to learn more about what God is doing here.


THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS WORSHIP CENTER (LORWC) started on the 28th of March, 2010, after the Lord had spoken to John A. Bassey through a revelation from God and through several divine messages from various men and women of God, besides his own personal growth in the knowledge of the Word of God. The name of the church was first revealed to Mr. Bassey on the 22nd of May, 2009, between the hours of 8:45AM and 10:00AM at  Scholars Academy when he was having a prep period which was a few-minute-break from his students. Mr. Bassey non-challantly wrote the name down in his writing pad and forgot about it as he was still serving at some other church in Queens as a Music Director and one of the officiating Ministers under the leadership of Pastor Folusho Akinbola and Pastor Toyin Akinbola (RCCG), and he had no plans any time soon to heed to any such call if it was a real.

To his greatest amazement, something unexpectedly occurred later in the year that caused Mr. Bassey to separate from the church where he had been serving under the jurisdiction for a total of 7 years and 2 months (Bronx and Queens). After been prayed for by his gracious pastors for his exit, he left the church on the 29th of November, 2010, not for the purpose of starting a new ministry, in fact, he had completely forgotten about the revelation received in May of 2009. He wasn't sure where he was headed as he had always enjoyed the company of those he served under, but he was convinced by the Spirit of the Lord that he must leave and that he would be making a huge mistake if he stayed.

Since they could not afford to not attend any church on Sundays even though they had just left the other church, they started visiting the Abundant Life Christian Center (Winners House), where they found solace and were comforted and fed spiritually. They were always prayed for and taken good care of by Pastor Festus Adeyeye and Pastor Anthonia Adeyeye. They attended the Foundation of Faith and Partnership classes. The presence of God was always felt at every service and people were always added to the church every Sunday. 

Interestingly enough, they were already getting comfortable with the newly found place of worship when the Lord brought their attention to the earlier revelation in May 2009 - THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. They decided to wait on the Lord for 40 days, beginning January 1, 2010, trusting God for a follow up confirmation. Little had they known that the Lord had separated them from the previous church for an Apostolic Mission. The fasting thus continued for 40 days and God in his infinite mercies confirmed His word through new revelations. Apostle John A. Bassey started reading books on Apostolic Callings and Works as revealed by the Lord and the vision continued to get clearer and clearer.

Mr. & Mrs. Bassey shared some of their revelations with their current pastors at ALCC and previous pastors at the RCCG and were prayed for. "During our 3 month stay at ALCC, the Lord strengthened us greatly, confirmed His word, gave us the day to start, and showed us where to start,Ē Mr. Bassey narrates." Pastor Festus Adeyeye anointed us on our last Sunday at ALCC, specifically March 21, 2010, and the new church began 7 days after - March 28, 2010.

On May 11, 2010, exactly two months into the launching of the ministry, Apostle John A. Bassey had a one-on-one supernatural encounter with our Lord Jesus for confirmation of his Apostolic Ministry with specific directions.

May I announce to you the set man and woman that God has set apart for His work: in the uploaded pictures Apostle John A. Bassey and his help-meet, Lady Apostle Oluwafunmilayo O. Bassey, the Pastors and Overseers of THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS WORSHIP CENTER. 


Looking unto Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith and raising end-time armies for Godís Kingdom.


Our mission is to separate weeds from organisms in order to ensure maximum growth and enjoyment of a fruitful and abundant life here on earth and in heaven.



Yours in the Service of His Majesty, Apostle John A. Bassey (Overseer)